Beachland 2017-07-20T04:41:03+00:00

Project Description


spirited away figure disappearing into heaven, bathed in orange light,
rowing boat at the beach that looks like a turner painting but is actual long exposure photography
ocean scene with orange and blue
fine art photography that sells featuring two figures standing in the water with a long exposure flow effect
beach scene with 2 men in the water and a shark mouth
lost man standing in the water thinking of suicide
all blue water with a spark of white
waves crashing turquoise water in motion and long exposure photography
relaxing image of waves during long exposure photography,
serenity photographed in this blue and magenta peaceful image of the sea
scarborough beach is one of perth best beaches
my most peaceful image that hangs on my wall as art is perfect for when you're feeling a bit blue

Artist Statement

Beachland is a space that I escaped into when I had a bit of a dark episode in my life. At the time I failed to see beauty and colour in real life, but I still found it in my photographs.  In essence, I tried to capture the feeling of the ocean, but it was much later that realized that I was finding safe places to escape to, even though it was only in my mind.  Beachland is also part of a larger body of work about spaces that look very different in photographs than they do in real life.