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famous mermaid Tina Tuna at Moran contemporary photographic prize winning photo
Ruby Slippers naked but dressed with a sash of Miss Western Australia Burlesque at Connections Nightclub
Russell Bruner with curtain at the El Bizarro show at Perth Fringe World Festival
Miss Gale Force and Matt are mermaid kissing in front of a crowd of children in the mermaid tank at Perth Fringe
street photography scene of a man walking his dog and passers framed by 2 trees
Sue, like almost 4 million other Australians has arthritis and is lying in bed with a mask to help with sleep apnea
A dark silhouetted swimmer looking like a everyday superman is working out in a Sydney swimming pool
man and a woman cleaning windows looking out at sea thinking they rather be some other place
Head On semifinalist in the portrait prize featuring a girl who looks beaten up, but actually had a bee sting swollen eye
rude boy is showing the middle finger in this international fremantle portrait prize winning photo
young drivers passenger freaking out
street photography scene of a guy smoking at oktoberfest in munich germany
halloween ghost running through the streets with a crowd of kids behind
Moran prize semifinalist showing a girl screaming and the pied piper and rats at Fremantle street arts festival
black and white silhouetted boy running through a mountain site
Sometimes, life feels like a battle for Kim, a single mother of three energetic kids on the trampoline