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Order Just a heads up that there isn't much time left to pre-order my new photobook: BOKURA HA MOU SHINDEIRU which translates into 'In the grand scheme of time we are all already dead' In this book, I confront my inner world by documenting the outside [...]

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New Photo Exhibition

I am having a new photo exhibition and photo book launch at Team Digital's Bunker Gallery here in Perth. The work deals with the fragility of life and my own exploration in to the dark and the light and how short our time on this planet is. Date and Time When: 27 [...]

New Photo Exhibition2021-04-03T02:01:51+00:00

Newsletter Sample

Explorations in Photography A glimpse into the world of image making by Johannes Reinhart JR's Inspiration! Hi there, Here's the beginning of my latest newsletter. To view the full version click here. I am practising to be grateful, but like many here in Western Australia, I don’t think I fully appreciate just how lucky [...]

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New Inspirational Newsletter

Hi there, I just created a new newsletter that I'm really proud of that is inspirational and informative for everyone interested in creative endeavours and anyone who like photography. In this first edition I'll be talking about Stranger Portraits, Mindmapping and a very interesting 100 year old video that is still futuristic. Check it [...]

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Stranger Portraits Perth

A stranger is just a friend you haven't met yet. Portraits of Strangers Perth, 2020 I went for a walk with Julie and Gloria through the streets of Perth. We felt brave and asked a wonderful mix of people if we can take their photographs. Here's some [...]

Stranger Portraits Perth2020-08-26T14:53:40+00:00

Mermaid Underwater Photos

When friends told me that underwater photography is super challenging, I said ‘I know’. Because about 5 years ago I did an underwater shoot with a point and shoot. But actually, I have forgotten just how challenging it is. But also sooooo much fun. Big thanks to the team, so we could [...]

Mermaid Underwater Photos2020-02-15T13:43:35+00:00

Best 50 of 2019

The end of the year is always a good time for reflections on what went well, what didn’t and take some time to think about getting my bearings in the right direction for next year. I'm working of a few things and plan to finish some of them next year, so watch this space [...]

Best 50 of 20192019-12-20T07:26:10+00:00

Pride Parade Photos, Perth 2019

I went to see Perth’s 29th Pride Parade in Northbridge, where thousands members of the LGBTI community and allies are taking to the streets of for a celebration of love and equality. It's always great to see people come together and celebrate their uniqueness in a safe and fun environment. But enough said, here's [...]

Pride Parade Photos, Perth 20192019-12-02T03:31:43+00:00
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