So the Western Australian Professional Photography Awards were on and I’m very happy to report that I had a pretty good haul again this year with my 4 images scoring gold, silver distinction and 2 silvers. But best of all being finalist in the portrait category, which marks it the 4th year in a row being a finalist ….talk about consistency 🙂 

Though, my personal highlight was to listen to the judges verbalise what they saw in my images. It’s everything that I struggle to put into words, but I am able to convey through my imagery.

Life, death, identity, loneliness, resilience, two sides of the same, dark humour, questions, more questions… those are some of the themes that find themselves in my work and it was great to see some judges pick up on it.

Thank you Tony Hewitt for getting those extra points and articulating beautifully what you saw in my photograph and to Rachel Callander & Nathan Maddigan for challenging my lady in red. The words that you and the other judges found made my heart sing and by the end of it I may have had a tear or two in my eyes.

To all other entrants, congratulations on all your awards! So many of my friends did really well and I’m very proud of you all. Especially my good buddy Seng Mah who took out my favourite category Documentary and Ricky Gestro winning Travel. Dave Walters gold distinction and Isabel Chan gold …amazing. Lynn Gail how this year for improvement? Belle Verdiglione and Kelly Barker Finalist again. Awesome!

Congratulations to all winners and finalists! You’re all legends!

And of course to Chris Saunders who won like everything including the big one WA AIPP Professional Photographer of the Year 2018. Well done buddy!

Just want to say a few words to those who didn’t score as well as they wanted or didn’t get an award and like to extent my congratulations to you too! It can be tough putting your heart on the line, but you did it and I’m sure you learned something in the process and the saying that you learn more from your failures than your successes is true. Keep in mind that learning is the real prize here and with this you already won. Plus as a person you’re just as valued as the winners.

Big thanks to the awards team/council, my fellow judges (yes, I was a judge myself this year) and all volunteers. It’s a huge effort with countless hours to put the awards on. Every year I see a little more behind the scenes and realize just what an enormous amount of work goes into putting the awards on and we can’t thank you enough.

WAPPA screening at Yagan Square, Perth