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Project Description


Heaven and Earth featuring Kael looking a bit like Jesus
Pregnant Kelly in the studio looking like an angel with long exposure effect
Kelly not looking like herself screaming her head off
rebirth of a boy
one of the best ever portraits i photographed
Miss Gale Force looking like an angel in the studio
she screams and no one hears
flowing ethereal figure
Jon Mad taking off in the studio
inner pain and screaming at the world is the feeling in this portrait
with the looks of a greek god and pose of a statue, this is one of the best studio portraits ever
a face that gives you chill it's so dark and evil

Artist Statement

Heaven and Earth is a reflection of my subconscious that expresses itself through my photography.  At the core is my internal struggle with the good and the bad within oneself and coming to terms with losing my religion.  I grew up in a very religious family and from adolescence onward my belief in the system slowly eroded. This naturally created its own set of conflicts which is mirrored in the work.
Furthermore, it’s also about life, death and suicide, themes that have occupied me throughout this three year project more than I’d like to admit.
The titles of the work are names of gods and kings of the old Assyrian empire which many elements are later rooted in Christianity. The ethereal effect is all done in camera using ambient light mixed with studio flash.

This body of work was exhibition at the 2016 Head On Photo Festival and Indian Photography Festival.